Why have accounts been deactivated for a while?

Accounts are deactivated before they are sold because we will have to build other accounts.

Are Instagram followers real?

Yes, definitely. We don't use tools to increase followers. Our Instagram followers are real people who are appealed by our account content.

Where do Instagram followers come from?

Most of them come from the United States because we have aimed at the US retail market. We have confidence in owning the professional tools that can analyze the American habits as well as their interests.

How do these accounts get followers?

In fact, we will creat a specific topic for each Instagram account. For instance, a dog Instagram account will only provide photos as well as videos relating to Dog. Therefore, this type of account will draw the attention of people who are into Dogs.

Can I change my username and email?

Yes, of cource. When you buy our Instagram account, you will be provided an email as well. Therefore, you can change the email password. Moreover, you can change it to your email if you desire.

What are types of payment you accept?

We accept payments via: Paypal (Friend and Family), Webmoney, Payoneer, Bitcoin.

In what circumstances can I get a refund?

In fact, once you have successfully logged in, we will not refund. If you are unable to login in to the account that we provide after making a payment, we will exchange a similar account for you.

Is the accompanying email an original email?

In reality, it is not an original email because the account was created with the phone number from 2 to 4 years ago and currently it has been deactivated. We replaced it with another email and verified that email 1 -2 years ago so it's almost like the original email but without the old phone number. You can add your phone number to your account after purchase.