Guide to login and secure Instagram account after purchase.

After being provided with the account, you will receive in the format user:pass:email:passemail

Step 1: You can visit the link or download the Rediffmail app on the app store and log in to the email that we provide you.

Step 2: Log into your Instagram account with the user:pass, you receive a request to receive a security code sent to your email, click the send button and the mail with the code will be sent to the email address in the step 1.

Step 3: Get the 6 security codes sent to your email and enter it into Instagram

Make sure you read my article, which is my advice to my clients: Here

You can do this step 4 or skip it if you want, here is an account security measure:

You can change the 2FA (security code level 2) code by logging into your IG account then going to Settings -> Security -> Two Facetor Authentication -> Get Started -> Text Message -> Enter your phone number and follow the instructions.